Vichy Shower Hydrotherapy Body Wrap

Rejuvenate, detoxify and moisturize your body with our 4-step process that will leave your skin feeling baby soft and melt all your stress away.

Step One – Exfoliation

We begin with an exfoliation to remove dead skin, help plump new cells and diminish fine lines, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky.

Step Two – Wrap

You are cocooned in your choice of one of our many luxurious body wraps under a heating lamp for 20 minutes while you enjoy a scalp massage.

Step Three – The Vichy Shower

The shower rinses and caresses your body with the sensation of a warm spring rain shower. Water from five adjustable shower heads soothe the nervous system, leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced.

Step Four – Finish

The whole process ends with a skin brightening anti-wrinkle cream that leaves your skin feeling luxurious.

Entire package, all four steps: $100

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Vichy Shower FAQ

What is a Vichy shower / hydrotherapy?

A water massage is a luxurious way of soothing pain and bringing about deep relaxation.
The Vichy shower is a metal arm with five shower heads that are attached above a cushioned treatment table. The jets positioned above you cascade water down upon you, in essence giving you a shower while lying down. This follows a body treatment of exfoliation and a body wrap, but instead of jumping up and getting in a shower to rinse off like the dry treatments most massage business offer, you simply lie there and relax. You also stay on the table for the final step as moisturizing cream is massaged on.

Am I draped as is done in a regular massage?

It’s your choice. You can wear disposable underwear or be draped with a large towel, and one limb at a time is exposed for treatment  just like a table massage. Another choice is to have a towel between your legs and another across your chest if you’d like to have your stomach included in the treatment.
My Stillwaters is a safe haven, at all times your modesty is protected and you will never be critiqued. Care is taken to make this a deeply relaxing experience in which you always feel comfortable.

What are the benefits of a Vichy Shower Massage?

  • Increased Blood Circulation – Hydrotherapy stimulates the skin to bring blood to the surface, which renews the skin’s appearance and gives it a healthy glow.
  • Hydrating the Body –  The major component of the body is water, so staying well-hydrated is critical. Vichy Showers hydrate the skin and muscles through regular treatments which, in turn, wards off fatigue and prevents acne.
  •  Reduced Stress – Vichy Showers reduce stress by stimulating the nerve response in the skin, which in turn, soothes the nervous system.
  •  Reduced Toxins – As part of normal metabolism, the body produces toxins which have to be eliminated, otherwise they poison the system. Massage therapy says that these toxins can be released when tight muscles are relaxed. This is why its so important to drink water after a massage in order to flush the toxins out of your body.